Are You a Hater?

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You Love to Hate?

This one is going to hit some of you like a brick.

And if it doesn’t, you surely know someone to whom you can toss this brick to.

You might not like it, but we are calling some of you out.

The smart will learn from this, but it will trigger the haters.

Best of luck! Here are signs that you are a hater!

You Are Always Right.

Just because you might have an answer doesn’t mean that there can’t be other answers, some even better than yours.

This is one of those things that the school has mistakenly inserted into the student’s mindset, that there’s only one correct answer.

The more you experience the real world, your mind expands.

You understand that an answer that works for you might not work for someone else.

We’re super complex beings wrapped up in an even more complex socio-economic system, and you’re sitting there, trying to force your cube perspective into the circle hole that is everyone else.

The more you do it, and the lesser time people want to spend with you.

Putting Others Down Makes You Feel Powerful.

A big sign you’re a hater comes from the way you feel when you cut someone else’s wings – metaphorically speaking.

are you a hater

You take pleasure in causing pain and suffering but justify it as being just physiological because you know, you don’t think of yourself as a sociopath.

Respect is more valuable than fear!

If you want to become healthy and vital, earn the respect of those around you, because when the time comes, they will stand up for you and do whatever they can to help. 

In a socially driven economy, it’s not the most robust individual at the top of the food chain, but the one who has the most supporters.

You Gossip and Love to Stir Up Drama.

are you a hater

Gossip implies you’re sharing critical information to gain social power in a group.

You use other people to put yourself on the pedestal, without realizing that in doing so, you’re self-sabotaging your image.

As a rule of thumb:

If someone is talking about someone else behind their back, they will do the same with you, if the opportunity is presented.

Gossip and social drama are signs of an insecure and immature individual.

You Say Things Online, That You Would Never Say Face to Face.

Back in the day, to have a conversation, you had to be in the same room with someone or at least have some private contact information.

are you a hater

One of the benefits of this system was that you never heard from people who have no relationship with you; they did their thing, you did yours.

Today, you can be unemployed, neck-beard, and tweet the meanest possible things a person can imagine, to someone like Kevin Hart.

Twitter has democratized the possibility of being an anonymous bully. If that’s you, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate everything about yourself.

How did you end up in the position of doing anything you can to get a reaction from someone who doesn’t care about your existence?

You Believe, You Are Entitled to Other People’s Time or Attention.

Entitled people, where do we even start?are you a hater

For some reason, they overvalue their own time and undervalue the time of others.

Yeah, you tweeted once at Rihanna, and she didn’t reply, better leave 20 comments saying how she’s horrible, right?

For this type of hater, there’s nothing important than themselves.

They will ask you to stop working on yourself to help them with your own thing, no matter what it is.

They expect you to put their problems above your own. Some of them might even expect you to thank them for the fortunate position you put yourself in.

You Follow People You Pretend, Not to Like, but Just to Keep Tabs on Their Life.

We told you we’re going to call you out on your Bull Shit.

If you didn’t care about someone, why spend any amount of time, effort, and energy on them.

are you a hater

Truth be told you have a fascination with them. Sometimes, what they are doing is appealing to you, but the consensus among your peer is that you’re not supposed to like them, so you pretend not to.

When you’re by yourself, you spend your own time consuming what they are putting out.

People bash reality TV as being nonsense, yet some of these shows have the highest viewership.

If you need a reality check ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ has been going on for seventeen seasons!


Why hide behind a curtain of hate to justify your fascination?

You Think: “You Could Do That”, But You Never Do.

How many times have you heard people looking at a Rothko painting worth tens of millions of dollars saying: I could’ve done that!

How many people watch a stand-up special and feel like they could do it themselves?are you a hater

This happens even in the business space, once you become successful, people you were surrounded by initially might think they could have done the same thing, hell knows you might even be one of those people yourself.

It’s easy to look at a Rothko, a Joe Rogan, a Chiara Ferragni and think that would’ve been possible for you as well because it’s true, the opportunity was there, you didn’t have the discipline, the focus, and the drive to make it happen.

“Success is the result of continuously taking action in the pursuit of your goal for extended periods.”

These people and others’ likes have put in more work than others and focused on improving over time.

They prefer to keep themselves out of their comfort zone.

It’s easy to look at a single piece of the puzzle and think that you could do it, but that piece alone is not why successful people end up where they are.

It’s because of all the pieces, slowly built and polished over the years!

“The life you live in the reflection of your actions!”

If you finally want to break free of this jail of delusion you’ve built for yourself, we too recommend picking up a highly recommended book, Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink.

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It might just be the book that cuts through all the bull that you’ve been telling yourself for years.

You are Advising People, Not to Try at All Because They Might Fail.

Whenever people come to you with a new idea, you’re quick to shut them down.

It makes you feel smart.

You take the slightest chance of failure and stretch it like chewing gum.are you a hater

You might even follow up with some personal examples of how you wanted to do the same thing or something similar, and it just didn’t work out.

Plus, can you imagine what other people will say once you fail?

This is a hater mindset.

You’ve not been constructive, and you’re not helping.

All you are doing is making other people feel small.

We’re sure you can relate to this point!

If you were not the one who was putting others down, you have been at the receiving end at some point in your life.

Either a partner, or teacher, or friend has made fun of your goals and dreams.

Haters never understand that failure is part of the process of becoming successful.

To achieve your goals, you must accept failure as part of the journey and keep moving past it. Because of how a hater’s mind works, they always look at the loss as final, as embarrassing, and something you should avoid altogether.

This is the exact reason haters never get to experience what real success feels like.

You Secretly Wish You Did More with Your Life.

When you were young, you believed the sky was the limit that you were destined for greatness, that you were born different and was supposed to be the hero that slays the dragon.


At least that’s what you’ve been led to believe.

Everyone told you about the enormous potential that you were meant to do important things, but the critical stuff never happened.

Life didn’t go the way you thought it would.

One small failure leads to another.

The business idea never took off the ground.

You never finished authoring that book, painting the painting, singing the song, travelling the world, giving back, your plan to follow the passion got traded for the security of a mediocre existence.

You believed that it was just temporary and at some point, you will get back to pursuing your dream. But year after year passed and you’re still nowhere near your goals.

You find comfort in the people around you, who themselves are in a similar state as yours.

When you tell them about your dreams and goals, they tell you about theirs, and then you go back to being the same mediocre person.

You are all aware of it and accept it as part of life. But deep down, you always wondered what your life would have been like if things went your way.

This feeling of unrest has been with you for a while now, and it almost feels unfair, because you know what you are capable of, which makes us humans such exciting beings.

“We judge others by their actions, yet we judge ourselves by our intent”.

You Secretly Want Something “They” Have.

The highest level of hate is when:

“You hate on someone, but secretly you would love to trade your life with theirs.”

We could have ended right here, but what, let’s keep digging, shall we?

It’s just you and us here right now.

So, we can keep it honest between us? Can’t we?

When you’re alone and scrolling through their feed, you look at their holiday, the things they have, the respect people give them, the attention, the events, the glam, the success, the wealth.

You want all of it. 

Of course, you would make some changes, and you’d keep true to yourself.

Your life would be a lot better if you were living like they are. 

This feeling, this realization that you are experiencing right now is conflicting. 

On the one hand, you’re annoyed by the fact that you believe that they’re not worth the success they have. And on the other, you understand that you’re probably never going to get there. 

You want to know why?

Because you are so busy obsessing about other people that you forget to worry about over yourself. Over your goals, over your desires, over what it would take to get to somewhere like where they are.

We send an entire year building our knowledge base and create a unique framework that teaches you how to break free and focus your mind on these specific aspects of life.

You Want Other People to Fail Because You Feel They Don’t Deserve Success.

You want others to fail, not because you want what’s worse for them, but you want them to validate your inabilities and insecurities. 

If they fail as well, it means that your failure is justified. are you a hater

The goal is unrealistic and even impossible to attain. 

The success of others doesn’t inspire you if you failed.

Instead, it makes you annoyed.

You know how hard you worked, and you assumed that others didn’t care as much yet got the result you were after for.

In your opinion, the game is rigged against you.

In the words of high school student Kevin Chang: “It’s not enough that I should succeed –others should fail.”

But what happens when you fail?

Not making it is somehow justifiable, if nobody else makes it.

If you grew up in Eastern Europe, you might be familiar with the expression:

“It’s all fine as long as my neighbour’s sheep dies as well.”

A common saying about how one would rather prefer that everyone lives in misery than others having more than themselves. 

But what if, others deserve what’s coming to them?

What if you were not good enough, not smart enough?

You didn’t work hard enough, and they did!

You Are Doing Slightly Better Than Your Friends and You Let Them Know It.

What would life be, if you couldn’t peacock a little bit, especially when it comes to the people around you?

Truth be told!

You’re living a mediocre life, and it’s just that some of your friends have it worse. 

There’s one person who has a 10% better life through variable circumstances in every group of friends, than the rest, but acts like he’s in a completely different league.

All your life you’ve benchmarked your existence to the three friends you grew up with. 

For your ego doing better than they are, is more than enough. 

You put them down.

You rarely encourage them, love to talk about yourself, and how amazing you are. 

Truth be told.

You never met someone successful.

You’ve been living in a small bubble scared to face the fact, that you excel only in your mediocrity.

You know you are the sum of the 5 people you spend most of your time with.

If you take pride in your friends being weaker than you are, you might need to reconsider your position. 

If you want to be successful in life, please keep this in mind.

“If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”

The exceptions to those moments are when you are giving a Ted talk or entering any kind of negotiation!

You Make Excuses About Why Things Didn’t Work Out for You.

Everybody knows at least one person like this, and some might even identify yourselves. 

They always talk about how they had this fantastic idea or intent, but they never got to make it a reality because of an external force. 

The economy turned, the customer didn’t get it, the investor didn’t get it, the boss didn’t appreciate you, your partner didn’t appreciate you, the time was never right, you were not born in the correct country, in the right family and so on…

It’s always someone or something else, and it’s never you! 

You got rather good at using excuses to get out of problems, and you even begin abusing it. 

Now, you’ve justified it so much that you ended up believing your own. Bull-manure-to hopefully keeps this video monetized.

You Want Your Opinion to Matter but Deep Down You Know It Doesn’t.

You spend much time watching others doing their thing rather than doing your own. You feel like you understand what’s happening and that your opinions are as valid as facts.

So, what do you do? are you a hater

You take every opportunity to attack, especially now when you can do it online with ZERO repercussions to your answer. 

Your only goal is to earn internet points or cause the most harm. 

This is how the cancel culture that’s in full bloom right now got to where it is. 

Haters are out for blood, and they fail to understand that people can grow, that they can change because their lives haven’t changed enough. 

Go to any review page, and you will see people giving their opinions on things they shouldn’t. 

Do you know what they all have in common?

They are spectators, not participants.

How many people sitting in the sidelines talk about what the correct strategy for the game should be?

How many of them are quick to talk about how others should behave, act, invest, or live their lives?

Guess what, unless you can alter the outcome or get to vote with your wallet, you don’t have a say in this!

You Think Other People Got It Easy or Got Lucky.

Of course, you are the person most deserving of praise, and because of the previously mentioned excuses, you never got to fulfil your full potential. Everybody else got lucky!

They had help you never had access to, people who opened the door for them and served them what was rightfully yours on a silver platter. 

They didn’t have to deal with what you’ve had to deal with, and they didn’t have the start you had so.

Obviously, they shouldn’t get it. 

Your own experience is blinding you to the point where you are unable to see beyond the surface. 

You are judging others based on your assumption of what their life is. 

You might even be right. 

Some people have it a lot easier than you did, but that doesn’t take anything away from them still putting in the work.

We are responsible for making the most out of the hand that we’ve been dealt with, and their success doesn’t take away your ability to improve your own life. 

Here is a big take away that we want you to remember:

“Comparing yourself to others is the biggest killer of happiness! Feel blessed for what you have because you don’t know what the other person is missing.”

People Who Complain About Haters Are Generally Not Nice People.

If everyone around you is a hater, if nobody is even on your side, if you think everyone else is out to get you, you’re not where you want to be in life.

If you hate your haters, you’re a hater yourself!

You know why?

Because happy people are busy living their happy lives.

Too busy to care about haters or what other people think about them.

We strongly recommend that you do the same.

We’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you got super unlucky and are growing up in an environment where everyone is crazy, but if you move and still run into fantastic/negative people, then the problem is with you!

Now, please don’t take this full list as a personal attack!

Instead, we recommend you keep at least a couple of these, preferably the ones that are related to your situation the most and try to be better.

To improve our community and to keep it honest between us, we’re curious to know:

Did you identify yourself in any of these?

Let us know in the comments and if you did then how you plan to address it.

It takes a healthy individual to be able to self-analyze and be honest with oneself, so congrats to those who join the conversation!

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