Pregnancy Blues (Part 2)

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Continued from Pregnancy Blues (Part 1)


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On this planet, every lady passes through one of the most evolution of life called “Pregnancy”.

During pregnancy, she nurtures a life inside her body and ensures that the infant/ infants in her womb is/ are safe and healthy in all respect.

But since the male population is not impacted much bodily, so the problems faced during the phase are not openly discussed and are assumed to be “Ladies Talk”.

So, Team Explicit Facts has worked hard in compiling the Part 2 of the article “Pregnancy Blues” in continuation of Part 1, where nothing is left for anyone’s imagination.

Without wasting any further time let’s dive into the topic.

How to be Happy?

Motherhood completes a woman, and it should be the best time of her life. There are many things that can help make it so.

Love and Affection. The first thing is the love and affection of her partner.

After all, the baby is the product of the union of the two. 

There should be love and understanding between the couple.

The woman expects her loved one to be with her at every step of the pregnancy and be a support to her mentally and physically. A supportive family that takes care of her is a bonus.

Childbirth changes a woman fundamentally and this period can be tough for her both mentally and physically.

Accepted Beauty. The woman may feel ugly and undesirable as the pregnancy progresses.

The husband plays a significant role in restoring her confidence by telling her that he finds her beautiful.

Modified Sex Life. The couple can have a normal sex life until the last trimester of pregnancy.

It is better to clear the activity with your gynecologist as in some cases sex not good for the pregnancy.

Still, intimacy can be a part of your life and make you feel good about yourself.

Gender Surprise. The family can be supportive in assuring the mother that the sex of the baby does not matter.

The child and the mother need to be healthy.

The stress and anxiety that the mother faces in this regard can be diminished with this support.

Although there will always remain uncertainty as every pregnancy is different, the mother to be can bask in the care and affection of her loved ones.

The other alternative is very dark.

There are untold stories of sonograms in shady clinics and abortions in places that can lead to fatal complications.

The woman should be made comfortable that she can be a mother without the stress of thinking about the gender of the baby.

Financial Planning. The finances should be well planned as there could be significant costs in the medical care of the woman.

You could face a loss of income as many women find it difficult to work through the pregnancy.

Also, you might want a long break without pay after the baby is born.

The stress of providing for the hospital bills and the postnatal care of the mother and baby should be planned well in advance.

Be Mentally and Physically Prepared. It is wise to make adequate preparations for help once the baby comes.

The nesting instinct in the mother becomes prominent in the last couple of months and stress can be eliminated if things are in place.

You can ask the family to pitch in or employ help if your budget allows you to.

Examples. Pregnancy is not a disease and celebrities like Kareena Kapoor Khan have shown the world that you can be active all through that time.

It is not good to hear stories of negative pregnancies or to subject the mom-to-be to rituals and myths that may actually bring harm and ill-health to the baby.


Medical Care. Although most pregnancies sail through smoothly there are somewhere the mother and child may face issues. Do be aware and get medical checks done at regular intervals.

Blood tests and sonography is important as per the doctor’s schedule. It is also important to see that you eat well and stay hydrated.


Healthy Meals. Eating for two does not mean that you should eat double the amount that you normally eat. As your baby grows your nutrition needs become more than you normally need.

Protein, carbohydrates, and fiber need to be balanced well.

Minerals, Vitamins, and Iron are important.

You may be needed to take supplements of Folic acid and Calcium too.

It is easy for women to fall prey to anemia at this time and that could spell trouble for her and her baby’s health.

So, adequate food with proper nutritional value is particularly important. 

Many foods have been linked to mood changes, the ability to handle stress, and mental clarity.

Diets high in caffeine, sugar, processed carbohydrates, artificial additives, and low protein can all lead to issues regarding your mental and physical health.  

Make a conscious decision to start fueling your body with the foods that can help you feel better.


Exercise – Exercise naturally increases serotonin levels and decreases cortisol levels. Yoga also helps in achieving peace in body and mind.

Get adequate rest – Lack of sleep affects the body and mind’s ability to handle stress and day to day challenges. Work on establishing a routine sleep schedule that has you going to sleep and getting up at the same time.

Acupuncture – New studies report acupuncture to be a viable option in treating depression in pregnant women.

Omega-3 fatty acids For years it’s been known that omega-3 can help with several health issues, but the newest studies are showing that taking a daily supplement of omega-3/fish oils can decrease symptoms of depression. Pregnant women would want to make sure to take a mercury-free version of fish oil and check with their care provider or nutritionist on a recommended amount.

Herbal Remedies There are several herbal and vitamin supplements known to affect moods and the hormone serotonin. Talk with your health care provider and nutritionist/herbalist about whether to use St John’s Wort, SAM-e, 5-HTP, magnesium, vitamin B6, and flower remedies. Many of these cannot be used in conjunction with antidepressants and should be evaluated on the dosage for pregnant women.

Be Careful There are some tests that can be dangerous for the baby and even cause abortion.  Go for these tests like amniocentesis and others only if recommended by the doctor. If you are unfortunately in the rare group where these tests are mandated or if there is an issue with the baby’s health that may pose challenges in its future life. Take an informed decision as there are many financial and physical implications in raising a special child. It is important to understand what the step means for the entire lifetime.

Talk to Someone. If you do not feel comfortable talking with your health care provider about your feelings of depression, find someone else to talk with. It is important that someone knows what you are dealing with and can try to help you. Never try to face depression alone. Your baby needs you to seek help and get treatment.

Happy Mothers Means Happy Children

Mental Health. The mood and mental health of the woman is very crucial during pregnancy and childbirth.

Happy mothers raise happy children. So, it is important that the mother should be treated with care and affection.

Her emotional needs should also be given due notice. The mother must go through a tremendous mental and physical transformation to become a parent.pregnancy The toil of love never ends till she is alive.

All mothers should prepare for the change coordinated with their spouses and create a haven of love and happiness for the baby that is to arrive.

Life gets a direction when children are born.

The parents need to show the child a united front and handle the post-natal period with a lot of cooperation.

Couple’s Own Relations. But, in the process, the parents need to remember that their relationship is the one that came first.

You are the first spouses, lovers, and friends.

Be available for each other, create date nights, and bring the romance back in your life.

The child will also thank you for it.

Studies show that children from happy homes are stable and balanced and do well in life.

The best you could give your children is a happy marriage.

Adequate Planning. Plan your pregnancy and take adequate precautions of not smoking and drinking during the period. Exercise regularly and stay well-nourished. It is important to prepare your mind and body for pregnancy and childbirth. Once you do get pregnant, keep your thoughts clean and happy, health in balance, and emotions balanced. Happy motherhood to you!

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